CBC-LINE Ultra Low Linearity

CBC-LINE Ultra Low is a multilevel control kit that provides a means of measuring a hematology instrument's performance and Reportable Range at the very low end of the linear range for white blood cell and platelet determinations. Linearity combined with independently verified and documented calibration is used to establish the range of lowest patient values that can be accurately reported. These kits contain pre-diluted concentrations providing accurate, low cell count test specimens for the evaluation of LOD (least amount detectable) and LOQ (least amount quantifiable) measurements. The CBC-Line Ultra Low summary reports visually present the resolution of your instrument at extreme low counts with the error you may expect at an extreme low count.


  • Contains a series of dilutions of WBC and PLT (Ultra Low)or WBC and PLT and RBC (Ultra Low Plus RBC)
  • Packaged in 3.0 mL vials
  • Each kit includes one computer-generated report
  • Additional reports may be purchased

 Catalog NumberDescription
VialsUL0016 x 3mL ( WBC and PLT)