CBC-LINE for Orphee Mythic 22

CBC-LINE contains pre-diluted WBC, RBC/Hgb, and Plt levels appropriate for use in establishing reportable ranges. Kits are customized to the reportable range capabilities of all major hematology analyzers to provide a kit best suited to your needs. When CBC-LINE kits are used in combination with independently verified and documented calibration, the information can be used to establish the range of lowest and highest values that can be accurately reported by the hematology analyzer. Each kit includes one Instrument Evaluation Report at no extra charge.


  • Each kit includes a Low Range Kit and an instrument specific Full Range Kit
  • Low Range Kits may be ordered separately
  • Contains a series of dilutions of WBC, RBC/Hgb and PLT concentrations
  • Packaged in 3.0mL vials with color-coded caps
  • Each kit includes one computer-generated report

 Catalog NumberDescription
VialsCL03124 x 3mL (6 WBC, 6 RBC, 6 PLT, 6 Low Range)