StatusFlowPRO contains human stem cells and can be used with most flow cytometry methods for identifying CD34+cells. StatusFlowPRO offers two clinically relevant levels of CD34+ cells. Target values for the Low Level CD34 are approximately 10 cells/uL. Target values for the High Level CD34 are approximately 35 cells/uL. StatusflowPRO facilitates the evaluation of CD34+ gating strategy, evaluation of the CD34 antibody clone selection, lysing reagents and data analysis. StatusFlowPRO has a closed vial stability of 45 days with an open vial stability of 9 thermal cycles.


  • 45-day closed vial stability; 1 QC month
  • 9 thermal cycles open vial stability
  • Packaged in 1.5mL pierceable Hemogard tubes
  • Assayed for BD Biosciences FACS series, BECKMAN COULTER FC500, Elite, Epics, Profile and Epics XL, and Manual Methods

 Catalog NumberDescription
Hemogard TubesFC234H1 x 1.5mL Status FlowPro (High)
Hemogard TubesFC236L2 x 1.5mL Status FlowPro (Low)
Hemogard TubesFC236H2 x 1.5mL Status FlowPro (High)
Hemogard TubesFC238 1 x 1.5mL Status FlowPro (1 Low, 1 High)

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