StatusFlowLO is designed to team with StatusFlow to provide a two-level whole blood reference control for monitoring low CD3+/CD4+cell counts. Assay values are reported as a percent of total lymphocytes and as the number of cells for CD3+, CD3+/CD4+, CD3+/CD8+, CD19+, and CD3-/CD16+56+. The CD3+/CD4+cell count is less than 200 cells/(u)L. StatusFlowLO has a closed vial stability of 45 days with an open vial stability of 9 thermal cycles.


  • 45-day closed vial stability; 1 QC month
  • 9 thermal cycles open vial stability
  • Packaged in 2.5mL pierceable Hemogard tubes
  • Assayed for BD Biosciences FACS series, BECKMAN COULTER FC500, Elite, Epics, Profile and Epics XL, and Manual Methods

 Catalog NumberDescription
Hemogard TubesFC2351 x 2.5mL
Hemogard TubesFC2372 x 2.5mL

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