SEDRite Plus


  • 195-day closed vial stability; 6 QC months
  • 30-day open vial stability
  • Packaged in 4.5mL pierceable screw cap tubes and 9.0mL vials
  • Assayed for Clinical Data Inc Mini-Ves and Ves-Matic, R&R Mechatronics StaRRsed, Westergren saline and sodium citrate diluted, Westergren undiluted and Wintrobe

 Catalog NumberDescription
VialsSR002X4 x 9.0mL (2 each - Level 1, 2)
VialsSR0028 x 9.0mL (4 each -Level 1, 2)
TubesSR00312 x 4.5mL (6 each - Level 1, 2)

Assay Sheet