CBC-7 is a tri-level control used for Manual Methods, as well as semi-automated and automated instruments capable of measuring up to seven parameters. CBC-7 has 105-day closed vial stability with 14-day open vial stability.


  • 105-day closed vial stability; 3 QC months
  • 14-day open vial stability
  • Packaged in 2mL vials
  • Assayed for BECKMAN COULTER Counter models Z, F, FN, D2, B, A and Hemoglobinometer, Cyanmethemoglobin (manual), Centrifuged Microhematocrit, Calculated MCV using Centrifuged Microhematocrit, Chempaq XBC and HemoCue Hb 201+.

 Catalog NumberDescription
Vials7200110 x 2mL (Normal)
Vials7200210 x 2mL (5 Low, 5 High)
Vials7200312 x 2mL (4 Low, 4 Normal, 4 High)
Vials720046 x 2mL (2 Low, 2 Normal, 2 High)

Assay Sheet