R&D 4K Retic

R&D 4K Retic is a bi-level whole blood reticulocyte control designed specifically for the Abbott CELL-DYN SAPPHIRE hematology analyzers. Assay values are also provided for Manual Methods. The target values for the levels are Level 1: 1.0% and Level 2: 10.0%. 4K Retic has 75-day closed vial stability with 14-day open vial stability.


  • 75-day closed vial stability; 2 QC months
  • 14-day open vial stability
  • Packaged in 3mL pierceable screw cap tubes
  • Assayed for Abbott CELL-DYN SAPPHIRE and Manual Methods.

 Catalog NumberDescription
Tubes4R0014 x 3mL (2 each - Level 1, 2)
Tubes4R00210 x 3mL (5 each - Level 1, 2)

Assay Sheet