CBC-3D is a tri-level control for monitoring Ark Diagnostics analyzers. CBC-3D has 105-day closed vial stability with 14-day open vial stability.


  • 105-day closed vial stability; 3 QC months
  • 14-day open vial stability
  • Packaged in 5mL and 2mL pierceable screw cap tubes and 2mL vials
  • Assayed for Abbott CELL-DYN Emerald

 Catalog NumberDescription
Vials3D50110 x 2mL (Normal)
Vials3D50210 x 2mL (5 Low, 5 High)
Vials3D50312 x 2mL (4 Low, 4 Normal, 4 High)
Tubes3D50712 x 2mL (4 Low, 4 Normal, 4 High)
Tubes3D5086 x 2mL (2 Low, 2 Normal, 2 High)
Tubes3D51712 x 5mL (4 Low, 4 Normal, 4 High)

Assay Sheet